This Blog was created to discuss engaging and eye opening topics with all individuals from all walks of life. However, a lot of views are based solely on opinion. Mostly mine. It is not my intent to offend anyone, or DEFEND any one view over another. ALL sides of an issue will be addressed.

Please note that my opinion HAS and WILL change on certain topics from time-to-time. That is what I call personal growth.

I'm speak the truth as I SEE IT regardless of other peoples thoughts.  I may discuss sensitive topics at times (w/ insensitivity) that may effect the reader or readers. If, upon reading this blog, you no longer wish to subscribe you are welcome to unsubscribe at anytime.
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*Disclaimer- I am not a therapist and hold a degree in nothing more than LIFE EXPERIENCE. I state only my opinion and any advice provided is based on my experiences and the experiences of others. I am NOT here to empower anyone. Nor profit from anyone.

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  1. Great blog and some interesting posts!

  2. This is a new and exciting environment to exchange ideas. Thanks for your exertion to express life, to alert us to think beyond the surface mind into the spiritual essence of our being.


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