Meet My Family

First Up, my oldest daughter, Asia. My 18 yr old DIVA (with a mean streak you would never see coming!) She is NOW beginning to realize that LIFE IS HARD!

Second, My 12 yr old Johnne. She is my 'Nothing will ever make her happy' child. BUT, she is also my toughest. She doesn't care what ANYONE thinks. She is truly her own person!

Now, the mommas boy, Sean. 11 yrs old and is the first to ask 'Mom are you feeling okay?', 'I just came to check on you, mom'. 

Then there are my children I God blessed me with through marriage.

Jayce & Jayden - 2 yr old TWINS!!!, Michael - now 16, and Sierra,12 (not shown)

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST My heart, My soul, My better (almost) half..MY HUSBAND! 95.9% of the time a joy to be around!!

 I hope you enjoyed my family. They all make life so very................COLORFUL!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful family, Valerie! you all blend very well together!


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