Friday, August 19, 2011

Keeping Up With The Jeffersons

Why do black folk, mainly between the ages of let's say 18 - 36ish, think it's cool to live HOOD RICH? That shit ain't cool, FOOL. Bragging about the car that you can't afford to put gas in, bragging about the house that, let's face it, will be on the city's foreclosure list any day now, bragging about the clothes that you wear that we all know you bought with the money that you should have used to pay your electric bill (which is also PAST DUE).

Wake up people! Get your priorities in check. Maybe we are living in two different worlds. In MY world there are more folks on food stamps than ever before. In MY world there are at least 2-3 abandoned homes on any giving block. In MY world folks are no longer looking for careers, THEY JUST NEED A DAMN JOB! So, your world MUST be different then mine.

I know your probably wondering why I care about what someone else is doing with their money (or their lack of...). Well...1. This is MY blog MY and is about ANYTHING MINE (opinions and all), 2.  There are a lot of folks in my life (who seem to think the money in my account is for the sole purpose if giving to them) that suffer from tendencies of HOOD RICHINESS  and who are currently in denial of those HOOD RICHINESS tendencies. If the HOOD RICHINESS tendencies weren't offset by my extreme frugalness...Oh we would be in some serious trouble baby. But how do you make these folks who are in denial realize that that shit is NOT okay? Conversation doesn't help, arguing damn sure ain't helping! Now we are at the 'I'm just not saying anything else because I got money in MY account. HOPE YOU GOT MONEY IN YOURS!!' stage.

How long will this stage last? I don't know. Is this stage effective. I don't care. But one thing I do know...I'M not trying to keep up with the Jefferson's..And If you all are.. I sure don't see you 'Movin on up!!' 

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