Sunday, September 18, 2011

Soul Food

This was not what I initially expected to blog about today. My initial Blog was quite a bit more...negative. Not, about my husband, my marriage, or my kids..but negativity about life itself at this time.

But, I took a step back, and realized that, although life is not always wonderful, there is always wonderful things about life. So, I am saving my initial Blog for another day.

Today is about a wonderful part of life. My Husband!

I know my husband goes through a lot. Not only within our family, but outside of the family as well. As Mush as I feel like he should already know that I love him deeply, I also know that I don't necessarily 'show' love in the traditional way.

Its no secret that I am emotionally 'detached', for lack of a better word, and I don't always understand that, although I think that I show him love, I am really not 'showing' him love.

So, today I decided to cook him a special dinner. Val's 'Slap Yo' Mama' Ribs', Au Gratin Potatoes, and Sweet Peas.

Although I know how to cook and I know he loves my cooking, but I cant say I'm a cooker. I don't like cooking. In fact I hate cooking. (I think its the preparation part). So, doing something that I know he will enjoy, no matter how much I dislike doing, is the best way that I can think of to show him how much I appreciate everything he does and everything he is.

Life is not easy. Our life is not easy. But I know he is in this for the long haul, and I hope he understands that I am as well.

Marriage ain't easy. It's hard! It's hard as hell! A lot of give and take, ups and downs. But marriage is about getting through it all together! As One!

P.S. [The only draw back ,unfortunately, I'm am sick and cant seem to keep much of anything down (which is nothing new, but why today?) So I wont be able to enjoy it with him. But just knowing he enjoys it, satisfies my appetite.]

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